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re: SotD Raiding in FFXIV - All you need to know


We do regular raiding in FFXIV, and this post is designed to give you all the information you will need, if you want to partake.

  • Official Raiding takes place officialy on Sundays at 7:30pm GMT and Wednesdays 8pm GMT.
  • Tuesday evenings is an unofficial night doing Stormblood 24m Raids for gear.
  • Thursdays evenings is a causual Map Night
  • All loot will on dealt with by NGB.
  • Raid end time will be 10pm GMT.

Official Raiding can be anything from Progression to Farming depending on numbers and what people need most. More info and progression can be found in the relevant threads. Unofficial nights are very causual, have no set time and will start if there is enougth interest on the night.

Xaraphiel is raid leader with Maccaroni and Phuba as support leaders.

Be prepared to die .


Sign Up info

For now there is no sign-up sheet but if you are interested you are welcome to turn up on the night. If you are registered on the Raid team and know you will be late or won't make it please inform one of the raid leaders as soon as possible.

As there may be more people wanting to raid than we have space for we run a drop-out token system. We have found this to be the fairest method in the past, for assigning raid slots when we have been over subscribed, but ensuring that everyone gets an equal chance to raid.

This is how it works. If we are over subscribed (either in general or in a specific role), we will initially ask for a volunteer to drop out for the night. If there are no volunteers, then we will roll a dice to see you drops. Once you have either volunteered or been asked to drop out you will not be expected to drop out again, until all others have done so.

Of you have a secondary role available, you may fill that slot if there is space to do so on the night.


Please ensure you have Discord installed and logged in and can at least hear what is being aid, though ideally being able to also talk.  Details below

VOICE : Discord
Download here

Polite Notice: When mechanics are being explained for a fight please keep chatting to a minimum. This makes things easier for everyone.


If anyone wants any clarification or further information, please feel free to get in touch.

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