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re: Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI


Special site for Patch 4.2:


Key points


  • Patch date: January 30th, 2018.
    • Patch 4.2: Rise Of A New Sun
    • 24 hour maintenance.
    • Housing will open an hour after servers are open.
    • Servers will not open early.
  • Patch Trailer: Link above!




  • New mounts
  • New Trials, The Four Lords
    • The Jade Stoa, The Jade Stoa (Extreme)
    • Byakko
  • Job Adjustments
    • No adjustments: Samurai, Red Mage, Bard, Dragoon, Ninja
    • See this comment for Job Adjustment information
    • Elemental Resistances removed (moved to Eureka)
    • Elemental modifiers removed from gear, materia with some elemental materia no longer obtainable#
  • Housing updates:
    • Additional plots, wards 13-18 will be added to each residential area
    • Plots will be added one week after Patch 4.2
    • Plot Purchasing changes;
    • Plots designated for Free Companies will be able to be purchased by FCs' with four or more members
    • Personal housing will not be available to purchase for a limited time. This restriction on housing will be evaluated and removed at an appropriate time.
    • Players will only be able to own one private and one FC estate per world, per service account
    • A special website dedicated to housing to help people understand how the housing system works
    • Plots relinquished will not be available for purchase for a limited time. Relocation will still work.
  • Omega Sigmascape
    • First boss: Ghost Train
    • Normal and Savage will be made available on the same day
  • Performance updates
    • Instruments: Harp, Grand Piano, Pizzicato, and Steel Guitar
    • Performance actions can now be assigned to controller buttons, keyboard buttons.
  • UI Changes
    • A new sound option to adjust volume from party members.
  • The Fashion Report
    • A new weekly minigame in The Gold Saucer. You will have to choose gear appropriate for a certain theme. No hints will be given and you get 4 attempts. The prize is 10k MGP, and additional MGP for getting a score of 80 or more.
  • Glamour Updates
    • Yoshi-P encourages players to make use of the Calamity Salvager NPC and Armoire furniture item.
    • Glamour Dresser - Place items into the dresser (200 slots), to use with the Glamour Plate where you can arrange 10 different glamour sets. These items will be removed from your inventory, but are not consumed. You can also access the Armoire from the dresser which means you can use the 200 slots of the dresser and the items in the Armoire (which don't take up limited space).
    • In the future there will be an option to attach a set to a job, it's not ready for Patch 4.2. Additionally, the Glamour Dresser will be expanded upon in the future.
    • The current Glamour system is unaffected.
    • Items in a Glamour Plate set can be dyed, and do not affect items in other sets.
  • Inventory Updates
    • Chocobo Saddlebag will be 70 slots.
    • Can be accessed while occupied with Retainer inventory, and players own inventory.


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