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re: Final Fantasy XIV Guild Rules


SotD accepts general applicants ONLY from those aged 18yrs + There is no upper limit. If anyone wants to have their child guilded, then if they are 14+, speak to the guild leader only for information on when we would allow this. It is an exception though, not a rule.

To ensure that the "Shadows of the Dragon" maintains its good reputation inside and outside of the guild we are asking all members to follow these simple guidelines during their time in FFXIV.

Your guild name is on display and is only what you make it. YOU are the guilds reputation. If you want to be in the best guild on the server, in an area others aspire to join, act accordingly. Your actions every day determine the guild's standing. We take this very seriously and will not tolerate anyone bringing negativity to our reputation. Our reputation and what it means to others is one of the things we hold above all else.

Be nice - Just bear this in mind in all your dealings with people inside and outside of guild wherever possible. This is a social game and often getting into an argument or flame with other players reaches no conclusion and upsets everyone concerned. Where you have negative dealings with other players and feel you want to pursue the matter further please contact an SotD officer or leader who may either mail the other persons guild leader or, In extreme circumstances, recommend a guild wide /ignore of that player. Remember if you have been mistreated you will have full guild support where it is necessary.

Be quick to apologise - We all mess up, so if you do don't be slow to acknowledge it. If you accidentally do something in-game that affects other people then they will usually remember you apologised more than the error.

Be conscious of others feelings and sensitivities - Whether this be about an inappropriate name for an alt or a discussion about religion, politics, beliefs etc in or outside of guildchat. Do not use language that is racist, sexist, homophobic etc as the worlds of GW2/EQ2/SWTOR/TSW contains a variety of people and is a better place because of that variety.

Help where you can - But dont feel you have to drop everything your doing for every request. Help and be helped should be any members motto.

Be patient - Understand that if you request help sometimes you'll get it and sometimes you may not. If however you feel that you have asked on a number of occasions and not had the help you need - please refer to an officer who can perhaps look at co-ordinating an event to assist you. Remember folks are more likely to help you if you help them with their needs also.

Have fun - We all bought the game and equally deserve this, and do remember this is only a game not Real life although it is no excuse for behaving offensively because there is no Real life come-back.

Think about the guild's reputation
- If your wandering around and spot a group laying on the floor dead, offer to res them if you can or another example: Someone shouts to quickly kill a difficult mob they need and it will take you 2 mins and you can help... why not... Little things go a very long way. YOU must be the reputation of this guild. There is a far greater sense of achievement if you are part of a tight knit guild all other players aspire to get into!

Don't flame in guild chat - any issues you have with either another guild member or an issue generally about the guild should be sent in /tell to an officer to bring up at next officers meeting. These things should not be brought into open guild chat as it is not constructive to do it that way. This applies to Voice comms also. Any issue brought to an officer will be looked into and you will receive a formal response as we value the input and views of all our members. It may be - in the case of conflict with another member, that you are grouped in 3 way meeting with officer present to try and sort things out.

All disputes will be dealt with by the Officers and Leaders of the guild whether that be a complaint from a non-guildy or one of our own members. We will respond with action or recommendations in each case.

If someone needs to be invited, then a recruiting officer needs to speak to them. Arrange to have a recruiter contact them, although an officer can invite them NP immediately and the recruiter go through things where needed. The general process when asked is to point an applicant towards where they can make an application if they want to do that immediately. Please do your best to help applicants with this where needed. Regardless of any rules or restrictions in place with regards to recruitment, we would always accept someone who is sponsored for membership by a current member as long as they are 18+. A good friend of a guildy is already a friend of this guild.

Although you may be a member of other guilds in FFXIV we would prefer people dedicate themselves to advancing our guild and building up our influence.

Most are self explanatory, however to avoid confusion over JUNIOR and FULL MEMBER ranks, here is a quick definition. JUNIOR MEMBERS are those who are just out of their probation period and are still new to the guild. Officers can keep an eye on these Juniors and make sure they are settling in well and assist in any way that may be needed, or to encourage group activities with Juniors etc. FULL MEMBERS are Juniors who have proved themselves with us in their activities and have contributed to promoting guild influence levels. It is a minor difference but one that helps our officers. FULL MEMBERS have slightly better access to the various guild banks.

In order to keep the guild rosters current, any members not logged in for 100 days will be demoted to "THE FALLEN" rank. If after 150 days these members do not return they will be usually be removed from the guild, unless we are aware of why this i or they are a long term member on our multi game community. If a member returns at any time after this they will of course be able to join the guild again without question. This is something that will be commonplace in all SotD guilds. There will naturally be exceptions say if a member is in the forces and goes on an active deployment for 6 months and informs the leadership, asking to remain guilded for example and any such exceptions are at the guild leaders discretion. If in doubt about a person just ask. To work this rule has to be fair to ALL.

We all accept that a person might leave the guild for many reasons, some good to pursue other things and some bad as tempers get frayed. Regardless of the reason a person left the guild (as long as they weren't kicked) they will be warmly welcomed back. If a person leaves the guild a 2nd time and then re-applies to join, a vote will be taken by the leadership to determine if a re-invite is in the best interests of the guild. Once a person leaves the guild a 3rd time this is a permanent block to further membership. They will not be re invited to the guild.

When a person returns to the guild they will undergo the same process as if they were a new member, with probation being in place.

After prolonged inactivity, any members will be given the rank of THE FALLEN and will have to improve their guild standing to become FULL MEMBERS or OFFICERS again. This is to assist all members so they can easily see who is active in the guild at the time and who is not. This also importantly means that we do not routinely remove members from the guild unless its clear they are unlikely to return.

Members returning to the game will be put back to standard member rank unless they have been removed due to significant inactivity, in which case they would redo a trial period.

Your guild officers and leaders are not above the law or a higher tier of players in the guild. It is the responsibility of the Leaders to steer the ship in the direction the guild was founded upon and the responsibility of the officers to carve the guild's reputation and success based on that ethos. All work closely together to achieve this.

Officers are periodically recruited to ensure the stability of the guild. Whilst no definitive "best method" exists for this it will always include discussions by the guild leaders and officers when required. When a position becomes available a post will usually be made in the guild forum so that volunteers can step forward. No matter the length of service to the guild, all interested players are encouraged to apply. It is also important that if a member sees a gap that they can fill and become an officer to strengthen the guild, they speak up rather than waiting back.

Sometimes when deemed appropriate guild leaders/officers may bend/break the rules when dealing with something specific but this will be at the guild leaders/officers discretion and will be explained if challenged.

Most of all remember that FFXIV is a social game. There is far greater enjoyment in contributing to, and maintaining a strong community.

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