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re: MAY Newsletter


Figure a lot of folks might not have seen these so posting them here.  This is probably 6-9 months or so away from Alpha and from there I would expect it would rocket to live within another yr max.

May's Pantheon Newsletter


Posted date / 05.09.17


Are we in the middle of an incredible few weeks here, or what?

Pantheon, driven by its passionate and vocal community is making some really incredible progress, and we here at Visionary Realms are super excited about not only our future, but our present as well. We completed Series A Funding, grew our team again and presented two incredible live streams in the past few weeks, and we aren’t even stopping to take a breather.

Let’s take a look at some of the things going on.


Now Hiring


With the funding announcement made, we immediately began implementing the next stages of development and that means hiring more developers and staff. Here is the official announcement.

Visionary Realms is seeking talented, highly experienced MMO production team members with specific skills for full time positions in North San Diego County, California. Some positions may be filled on a contract basis while other positions may be remote. All positions are for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and subject to a three month probationary period.

Previous experience in the games industry is required, and it is desirable to have worked on at least one successfully shipped commercial game title.

Art / Animation
2D / UI Artist
3D Environmental Artist
Art Director
Character Animator
Concept Artist
Visual Effects / Technical Artist

Customer Service
Customer Service Manager


Visionary Realms Featured in San Diego Business Journal


Brad McQuaid and Chris Rowan recently sat down for an interview with the San Diego Business Journal where they discussed the game’s inspiration, funding, development and history. The article also pays mention to the fact of how important our fanbase is to the continued success of the game’s development. The existence of our current sanctum sanctorum was also revealed.

“The office of Visionary Realms is what you’d expect from an indie computer game company. The walls are covered in paintings of dragons and enchanted forests, along with framed front-page articles from old gaming magazines. Tabletops are littered with laptops, action figures and little plates of M&Ms.”

Eager fans should be aware of the fact that none of the game’s source code is stored anywhere near our corporate offices, so don’t go getting any funny ideas.


Live Stream Recap


Fresh on the heels of announcing our completion of the Series A funding, we hosted two live stream events with our buddy CohhCarnage and the reception was off the charts.

The streams feature lots of live game play action, shows off several new zones, introduces a working version of our Acclimation system and highlights our newest class reveal, the Monk. Cohh took on the role of the Monk, and while some of his attempts at feigning death were met with scorn, ridicule and death at the hands of some very unfriendly NPCs, his overall experience with the class was exceedingly positive.

Check out this killer recap video as well as links to full replays of both day’s streams.

And we even have the streams in their entirety uploaded on our YouTube channel.
You can catch them here for Part 1 and here for Part 2.




What is the acclimation system? It’s one of the most interesting components of Pantheon that separates it from the current crop of MMORPGs. Acclimation is a method of dealing with the harsh environments you will find in the world of Terminus. By using various infusions on different parts of the body, characters can help mitigate the external forces that may impact them. These infusions are on a tier based system, with lower tiers being more common and the highest requiring more advanced gameplay to attain. As with most of the systems planned for Pantheon, a measure of player interaction will be present in the form of craftable infusions. Another level of complexity is achieved by allowing more than one environmental system to be active simultaneously. Players will be able to use multiple infusions at once to help counteract their effects.

(Click image to enlarge)


The Monk


Did all the kicking, punching, pulling and laying down on the job pique your interest in the Monk? Good, and luckily for you we have an even more in-depth look at class here.

(Click image to enlarge)

Through longstanding discipline and unwavering obedience to ancient teachings, the Monk wields their body and soul as a devastating, holistic weapon against their enemies.

Group Role: Melee DPS, Off-Tank, Pulling Utility

Armor: Cloth, Light Leather and Monk-Specific Materials

Weaponry: While Monks are proficient in many types of blunt weaponry, it is their devastating hand-to-hand techniques that make them one of the most feared combatants in Terminus. In addition, many Monks devote themselves to honing deadly skill with the Shuriken.

Ability Arsenal: Monks have mastered the arts of transforming their body and soul into resilient, living weapons. The Arts of the Body consist of devastating physical attacks such as Flurry Punch, Strike of the Wayward Wind and Rising Moon Kick. The Arts of the Soul allow Monks to concentrate their flow of Chi into punishing physical attacks like Surge of Chi, defensive abilities like Mountain Pose, and self-healing techniques like Resonating Palm.

Iconic Ability: Feign Death. Through mastery of their own body and soul, Monks are able to sustain their life while slowing their heartbeat to a complete stop. While in this state, the Monk will appear dead and be ignored by most creatures.

We spoke with Creative Director Chris Perkins about the Monk, and while the class is still very much a work in progress, he had few interesting design ideas about the class he shared with us. The Monk is envisioned not as just a fantastic pulling class, but also as capable melee DPS, short term crowd control and as a suitable offtank. The class will feature two specializations - Body and Soul. Body will be the prototypical hand-to-hand DPS class while Soul is envisioned to be a stalwart off-tank with self-healing mechanics and high avoidance. Fans of the traditional Monk and of Vanguards Disciple will feel right at home with this highly utilitarian class.


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