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re: ESO build


Since Pastaman and Xara wanted my build after killing a boss solo from 450k down, here it is.  Those are the skills I used. Those are actually rather not ideal to take down a boss solo.  There is better stuff...

Wrecking blow  (big single target hit, long wind up, increased damage of next attack by 20%)

Carve (aoe attack with bleed dot, also improves ultimate points buildup)

Venomous claws (poison attack with large dot)

Rally (healing ability over time)

Flames of Oblivion (deals several large hits over time, also increases crit rating)

Ultimate : Onslaught (big single target hit, ignores defenses and give what is ignored to you for 8 seconds) 


Poison injection (dot attack, deals double damage under 50%)

Endless hail (aoe attack over time)

Noxious breath (aoe dot attack, also reduces enemy physical resistance)

Fragmented shield (group damage absorb shield, deals damage on break)

Rearming trap (dot damage, increases crit damage, auto recast 1 time after use)

Ultimate : Werewolf (inreases stam regen while slotted)

All passive for the respective trees are unlocked.  Gear is 5 piece medium armor Spriggan, mostly geared toward increasing stamina.  And some heavy pieces that increase damage. 2 handed mace as first weapon, bow as 2e. Champion points are all in either damage increase, stamina regen ,damage taken reduction or health regen. Overall I have about 17 K health unbuffed, 25K stamina, 1600 weapon damage, 900 stam regen, 700 health regen. Oh and I used a provision meal that increases my health by about 6K.

I think it mostly came down to my only 2 survival skills, being rally and fragmented shield. Allowing me to heal without taking extra damage.Without those I would have been a pile of ash on the floor as fast as the rest of the group.

Don't take this as any indication that I know what I'm doing. I don't.  This build is far from ideal.  

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