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re: April Newsletter


For an avid crafter like me this is a great update as it covers that element.  More than that though, whether you are interested in this or not, read through it and you will take a lot about the direction of the game.  The depth, the limitation that stops someone being ale to "do everything" and again a drive towards collaborative gameplay where guilds such as ours will thrive in many areas.  Where social outcasts who cannot behave or integrate with groups will at the very least have to band together to be annoying as a single player will not be able to survive this game in any real way.

Also key on the read through here is a push back to an element of EQ2 that I really liked in the early days... Weapon specifics and skills.  I remember being a Paladin and had to equip a mace against a ton of Skeleton mobs in a zone.  The first time we had really come across them and lo and behold, the expert with the sword became a noob with mace and instead of the dungeon we ended up learning the blunt weapons we had to use and skilling them up.  It was such a reality check.  Arrows were blunt balls for Skeletons and sharp razor blades for say slime cubes etc etc.  In vanguard where a Fireball did half damage in the rain.... the list goes on.  Making it all feel "real" was great.  Being a Wizard and feeling that deflated "Damn it" when soloing mobs in a zone and then seeing the rain start knowing I was at the cusp of my skill and now the spells were less effective I had to head out was cool.... Finding out Lightning spells now became more potent lifted that feeling completely :)  Kiting a mob into the water to Lightning it etc etc. 


Thats what I mean by read the crafting scope, it tells a lot more if you extrapolate thought processes and design decisions accordingly.

April's Pantheon Newsletter


Posted date / 04.12.17

Happy April!

There’s so much stuff to show you this year I’m not sure we can fit it all into one newsletter. Heck, I’m not sure it will fit into your inboxes. I’m not even sure it will fit on the Internet! But let’s try anyway.

This month Senior Designer Corey LeFever fills us in on crafting and harvesting in Pantheon. We know you’ve been waiting for it, so here’s some of the details. Speaking of Corey, have you checked out his MMO-Play interview here?

And for the questers out there and anyone who enjoys a good story, check out the new Perception System video to learn how storylines are woven right into the game.

Learn about the Dwarven Cleric Bazgrim in April's community spotlight.

And lastly, as per usual if you missed something from March, check out our monthly ICYMI column showing off some of the highlights of the month.

Before we let you close your browsers though, one last bit of news to whet your appetite. Our next stream will take place on Thursday, April 27th at 11am PDT with part two streaming Tuesday, May 2nd at 11am PDT. Join us once again with CohhCarnage as we explore new zones, new features and some big surprises in our April stream. And VIPs are in for a special treat. Let us know your thoughts on the stream and ask all the questions that you have been saving up for the next VIP roundtable taking place May 5 at 3pm PDT on the VIP Discord channel.

Read on! Or as Aradune would put it: “Panthe-on!”

Crafting and Harvesting!


Posted date / 04.12.17

Pantheon’s crafting and harvesting in this internal pre-alpha is currently a very simple system. With it we can combine two or more items in a container to return a new item. Combinations use a skill associated with the materials, such as Blacksmithing for metals, Alchemy for potions, Tailoring for cloth, and so forth. It is functional, but we feel it lacks impact and depth.

So, where do we go from here?

An Overview of Crafting

A major goal of the Crafting system is to provide players with a means to gear up through the power of choice. Dropped and quested items come with set stats but crafted items can be customized. The offset to this power of choice is that crafting will require effort to gather the necessary materials for particular results, whereas dropped items are a (potentially) simpler matter of killing the requisite NPCs to get your gear.

For example if Gereon wants a Silvered Longsword. He plans to be fighting wererats in the City Underneath in a few days with his guildmates so he has two choices:

  1. Find humanoid NPCs that also have a beef with Lycanthropes, beat them up, and take their stuff.
  2. Find a crafter that has a Silvered Longsword recipe and gather the needed materials (hypothetically speaking, this could be a) acquire an unmodified Longsword, b) acquire silver ingots, and c) acquire a tempering agent).

In this scenario, perhaps Gereon doesn’t have easy access to NPCs that drop Silvered weapons. He has been killing the wrong city’s guards so it is safer and faster for him to find a player to help him out. Crafting gives players like Gereon alternate avenues to acquire those items they need while serving a dual purpose: socializing between players through Economy, and giving players avenues to some solo content (the Crafter or Harvester).

Crafting will also allow us the opportunity to further improve almost any items to be better suited to specific situations.

For example:

Gereon has acquired his Silvered Longsword:

  • as a Dropped item, and it’s awesome for cutting up wererats.
  • as a Crafted item, and it’s awesome for cutting up wererats.


The trouble is that his Silvered Longsword isn’t so great against the other vermin or the slimes inhabiting the particular area of the Waterworks near the wererat lair. Gereon really wants to have an edge fighting at least one of the two additional types of enemies in the Waterworks that he knows of. He could:

  • Find another dropped weapon that is good against slimes, vermin, or both--requiring time, luck, and effort to find the right combination of materials or stats. This has the added "cost" of requiring more of his bag space for gear.
  • Find a crafter with a Bane enchantment against vermin or slimes to upgrade his Silvered Longsword.
  • Find a crafter with a recipe to re-forge the Longsword with a new Material that is better suited to fighting against slimes or vermin.
  • Just try his luck and tough it out with his Silvered Longsword and hope for the best.

Depending on Gereon's playstyle, it may be more beneficial to farm the desired item or to farm materials to have the desired item crafted.

Additionally, crafting needs to compliment the other areas of gameplay. One big way that crafting will figure into this is most of the items that come from quests, NPC loot, or crafting can be further upgraded. Doing this requires "customizing" the item(s) to the recipient, unlocking additional stats at the cost of causing the item to be bound to that player.

As far as what professions are concerned, we're considering the following as our professions: Alchemist, Blacksmith, Woodworker, Outfitter, Provisioner, Stonemason, and Scribe. Each profession will have a specialization. Players will be limited to one profession, and one associated specialization.

Gnomes hard at work crafting.

An Overview of Harvesting

The goal of the Harvesting system is to provide the components through which players will craft a variety of items. These Harvesting materials will be provided in a variety of ways.

One method of Harvesting is the aforementioned traditional "find a node, and interact with it to receive Harvested loot". This is done by finding an ore vein and mining it, finding a tree and cutting it down, and so forth. Rather than having materials for more advanced Crafting recipes be gated by level content in a zone as has been done in some other MMORPGs, we will have the nodes and the items they provide exist in sensible locations within their ecology.

Another way Harvesting will come into play is through Salvaging, a method for players to break down existing items and receive components in return. Salvaging items can result in a mix of raw materials and/or crafting components. In our crafting example above with Gareon and his Silvered Longsword, say he’s outgrown the need for the item. He could choose to Salvage it, possibly resulting in silver chunks, a silvered blade, or a hilt.

While the idea certainly isn't a new one, we will also have some crafting components sold only in specific cities. Many of these local materials will tie directly in with cultural based recipes. For example, special glass making materials might be found with the Dark Myr, so if players want to craft the Myr type of glass items they have to have the faction to buy the items there or find another player that has the faction that’s willing to sell them the materials from there.

Similar to locale-based materials for purchase, harvesting nodes will exist by local ecologies, even if those areas lean towards the exotic or fantastical, such as colored mana-rich areas… Rather than providing harvesting opportunities by perceived difficulty of a zone or the content around it, we'll be placing them where they naturally make the most sense. You’ll also find harvesting opportunities within civilized areas, such as gardens, parks, and the like, as well in the wilds.

Our line of thinking in terms of access to harvesting is that all players will be able utilize all of the available skills as they wish, provided they have an appropriate harvesting tool. All material types will already be coming from Salvaging and looting materials directly from NPCs, so limiting players’ access to individual skills felt arbitrary. Pantheon’s current harvesting skills are as follows: Fishing, Gathering, Logging, Mining, and Skinning.

In Closing…

There are more details to come as we implement, test, and refine the systems but the above information should cover a number of the highlights. Keep an eye open for upcoming info regarding the motions required to craft, Work Orders, Recipes, and Experimentation!

Now on to the community spotlight!

Community Spotlight


Posted date / 04.12.17

1) What is your main character's in-game name and how did you come up with it?

My main character's name will definitely be Bazgrim. It comes from the Dwarvish phrase "baz grim," which literally translates to "fire eternal." Not only does it sound sufficiently imposing, but it also serves as a nifty metaphor for my ceaseless passion for gaming. It's important to me that my characters have short names that are easy to remember, spell, and pronounce, but also have some sort of hidden symbolism. I haven't yet decided if I want my main to have a last name. I think there's something about a character with just a first name that looks legendary. But maybe that's too "Madonna" :P If I do have a last name, it will probably be Barak'uzgul, which comes from another Dwarvish phrase that means "Death's Door." I gravitate toward class roles where I can act as the final arbiter of who lives and who dies.


2) What interests you the most about Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen?

The first thing that really stood out to me was actually how wisely Brad and the rest of Visionary Realms was handling an open development process. I find it so refreshingly unusual that the company is more concerned about making a quality game for a specific, neglected but avid demographic, rather than whatever will make the most money. I think any game made with such love and passion and care will be a game worth playing.

3) What will your main race and class be and why?

As you may have been able to guess by my main character's name, he will be a Dwarf Cleric. I love how Dwarves tend to be small in stature, but big in personality. The lore of the Dwarves in Terminus looks really intriguing to me. I also think the architecture of Dwarven fortresses is really amazing. Furthermore, I am so glad that Clerics (and all classes, for that matter) will have a very specific and needed group role in Pantheon. Too many games make it so that every class can self-heal, making dedicated healers obsolete. I thrive in the pressure of the main healing role, knowing that I can make or break a group. I love feeling like the group is depending on me and when things get chaotic, I have the chance to shine and be the one that holds it all together.

4) What is your favourite system, mechanic or feature so far in Pantheon?

I am most excited about the Climate system. I feel like this is something that has definitely been lacking in other MMOs. It seems like the perfect way to add some realism, and at the same time, make adventuring more challenging. It's a really interesting way to make players plan more about where they're going and how to compensate for the difficulties they're likely to face on their journey.

5) If you could enter the game and visit anywhere in Terminus for an hour, where would you go and why?

Assuming I was of an appropriate level, I'd explore as much of the Tower of the Reckless Magician as possible. I can't wait to see it in the next stream, because I've been excited about the zone ever since I saw it on the atlas. For one thing, I really like dungeons that are far from civilization. Sometimes the journey to the dungeon is just as much, if not more memorable than the dungeon itself. It also makes you think ahead about not only your destination, but also about the path to get there and make sure you have enough supplies to last the whole trip. Hopefully it's a two-way trip, because once you do arrive, you really feel the need to avoid death even more, as it would take you so long just to get back to your corpse. But of course with great risk comes great reward, so those dungeons also usually hold the best loot! Another reason would be that the term "Reckless Magician" seems to suggest that all sorts of crazy things can happen there. I can imagine it being something like a mix between the Plane of Mischief and the Tower of Frozen Shadow in EverQuest. It's so much fun to explore zones where it feels like the dungeon itself is actively trying to trick you and kill you. Memories are made when you have no idea what might happen next and it may take weeks or months to learn the area.

6) Finally, if you had to choose between being strapped to the back of a Griffon or strapped to the back of a Giant in-game for 24 hours, what would you choose and why?

Well, I like the idea of a Dwarf riding on the shoulders of a Giant, telling him where to go and who to step on. Kind of like Master Blaster from Mad Max. But since I only have 24 hours and Giants tend to be pretty stupid, I feel like I'd have a better chance at training the Griffon. That also comes with the added benefit of the Griffon being able to give me a bird's eye view of Terminus. The haters would say I'm trivializing content with my flying mount, but the Griffon and I would quickly become best friends.

Check out our highlights from March in our monthly ICYMI




Posted date / 04.12.17

Our team was hard at work in March as we delved into some pretty major in-game additions and continued preparations for our upcoming live-stream events. We still did manage to come up for air a few times, and here are some of the highlights.

The Official Pantheon Wiki over at Gamepedia got a major overhaul, with the most current information added and expanded. The newly improved wiki now features over 400 pages dedicated to 95 seperate articles. With more content being added as soon as it’s made available, this guide is now the most concise and comprehensive Pantheon resource available. A big thank you to the community team who set upon the wiki and populated all those pages!

Brad McQuaid posted a State of the Game update on our old Kickstarter page, and while the game and team have undergone major updates and upgrades since those days, we still remember the incredible push from those early days. Here is some of what he had to say:

"Start up companies are hard... But through persistence, stubbornness, and all of the support so many of you gave us via encouraging emails, supportive posts, and more, we tenaciously kept the ball rolling, continued developing the game, and have grown the team to over 15 developers!"

Our main focus in March were the many additions, enhancements, refinements and improvements made to the game client, and you'll be able to see a lot of that work at our next live stream with CohhCarnage Thursday, April 27th at 11am PDT with part two streaming Tuesday, May 2nd at 11am PDT on his channel at

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re: April Newsletter


Yet another cracking news letter, this game is looking better every month!



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