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re: Race / Class combo's revealed


Original post here :


Pantheon: Class and Race Combinations

Here’s a diagram depicting our initial thoughts for Race and Class combos. This is largely based upon the current lore for each race paired with the flavor for each class. Additionally, as we continue on the road to public release (and beyond with live events and expansions), new Races, new Classes, and new combinations may become available.

Some of these may stand out as a bit...well, unconventional. A quick word on a few of these:

 “The Odd Ones”

  • Ogre Druid?

    •      Our Druids are about the cycles of nature, the dance between predator and prey. Their powers draw from the forces of nature, like Lightning, Earthquakes, Wildfires, as well as the restorative and transformative sides of Nature. Think of them less as paragons of peace and some ideal of what Nature could or should be, and rather as reflecting what Nature is. Ogres fit this space as the wolf in the weeds.

  • Gnomes only have spell casters and rogues available?

    •      This is reflective of their culture. They are nearly singularly focused in their pursuit of the arcane and hidden secrets. In lieu of training in martial skills they’ve put effort in creating or summoning golems, homunculi, and other forms of false life to protect their grand works.

  • Dark Myr Bards?

    •      The Bard’s abilities aren’t limited to just buffing and uplifting their allies. Some of their songs will also demoralize foes, or manifest sonic based attacks. The Dark Myr definitely fit this side of the bard more so than most of the other “civilized” races.

Paladin does equal Crusader. We felt the name might not fully fit what we have in mind for the class, after all, so we're going to run with Paladin.

Bard and Necro are not official launch classes but we included them anyway as we are working hard on trying to make them launch classes, please don't hate us if we can't get them ready in time, though! :)

Information from Justin "Istuulamae" our Loremaster:

Hey everyone -

Thrilled we were able to finally share our plans for race and class combinations with you all -- and field your feedback on them. I want to reiterate what Ceythos has said: these are plans, and while this is likely how we will be moving forward with the combinations it is not the absolute word on them. I also want to invite everyone to review Ceythos’ OP, because he understood some of these selections would be seen as “unconventional” and spoke good words about several of these combos.

There is one thing that I want to humbly put forward: we are making a brand new world. Pantheon has no direct predecessor, it is not a sequel. While it may not come naturally at first, try to let this new world set your expectations of itself. Of course it’s understandable that each of us bring in expectations from our favorite games and experiences. We devs do it as much as anyone. Nevertheless I invite you all to look at these races and classes as familiar in some cases but new and distinct. It’s a practice that has helped us a lot internally, as we push ourselves to think beyond what we might assume “Must fill Box A, B or C” in any given design situation.

One more thing: we wanted to leave ourselves room to grow within each race down the line, be that with new storylines emerging or in expansions or live events. So even if these combos stayed the same through launch, there’s no reason to think they won’t be added to thereafter.

With that in mind I want to address some of the most common comments from a lore perspective.

Where Have all the Crusaders Gone?

While it hasn’t been public facing until now, internally we made the change from Crusader to Paladin I think in Q3 of last year. Without going into too much detail, we felt the name Crusader may have narrowed the scope of the class too much - and - wondered if the history of the term carried too many real-life historical connotations with it. I don’t think that the name change will alter the class at all, but like several of these decisions we wanted to have room to breathe in each instance and make a Pantheon class true to the Pantheon world.

Why Some Casters and not All Casters?

The simple answer here is that we looked at each of the 3 caster classes as distinct and standing on its own merit. When we did that we were able to make the connections to each race more freely and not assume “If One Then All” for each race. So Dwarves for instance -- as some have already suggested -- prize crafting and smithing to a degree that makes Enchanting a natural fit, but has nothing to do with Summoning. Once we let each arcane class have its own identity in the world, it didn’t feel right to lump them in as a One Caster Equals All Casters package.

Dark Myr Can Sing?

While bards are traditionally known for their upbeat and jovial qualities in MMOs, we felt that the Dark Myr presented a unique and authentic chance to broaden the scope of the class. Songs and melodies in our own world are not merely relegated to the happy side of life. As Ceythos first put it in one of our discussions, “What about the mournful power of a dirge?”

That idea was compelling, especially in the context of the Dark Myr. A huge part of their culture was and is lamenting their history and remembering the excruciating moments after they came to Terminus…

“Many say the cries of anguish loosed that day still linger in the murky waters…  Yet the fateful day of their arrival is marked by mourning, one week prior and one week after. Among the ceremony is a reading from ‘The Day of Testimonies’ a collection of witness accounts to the lamentable day.”

While the lore isn’t explicit in this regard, in my mind deep and mournful songs are as much a part of the ceremonies as the readings -- which are dramatic and performed in front of the entire assembly. That aspect of weaving together the theatrical with the memorial also fits with a second answer as to why Dark Myr can be bards: the storytelling theater of song. We felt it was too narrow to exclude a troubadour aspect of the Bard. So if you can’t imagine a Dark Myr being inherently joyful, can you imagine them pretending to be, and perhaps using that skill to their advantage? Can you imagine a wanderer from the sea who learns tales of other worlds and casts a spell of song over anyone who will listen? I can, and it only deepens the sorrow and mystery of the Dark Myr.

What About Halfling Pyros?

There were a few ways we could’ve resolved this critical aspect of the Halfling heritage, but the one that felt the most natural was in Halfling Druids. Certain Druidic spells will include fire wielding, and for now that is the primary way Kiren’s Gift of First Magic is manifested. To wield fire is still rare and precious to the Halflings -- remember, only Marthus was given the First Magic by Kiren at that time, not all of the Kiri. While we may decide differently down the line, for now it was not a gift that was given to all or to the degree of traditional wizardry.

We may have First Magic manifest in other ways among the Halflings, but for now it is entrusted to the Druids of Sorhiryth.

Gnomes Gone Rogue?

I invite everyone to review Ceythos’ OP. I’ll add to his comment that Gnomen arcane skills can be applied to physical stealth and hiding their form or disguising it. When you consider that they don’t have a fleshly body to hide in the same way an Elf might, it becomes a more natural possibility that some Gnomes  -- particularly those who are adventurous and wily -- to see their unique anatomy and stature as an advantage. An asset.

Here again we asked the question of what is a unique but authentic way to have this race interact with the world. A small-framed, ethereal-bodied, diligent, adventurous and mystical being seemed to us to fit with the Rogue if we stepped outside of the obvious lines of their caster nature. Can you imagine a Gnome assassin darkly flashing between the shadows of a room? I can, and it keeps me up at night.

No Elf Cleric or Pally?

On this most consistent point of feedback I will simply say that we hear you.

Archai Going Monk, not Ranger?

When you think of a martial-based class who uses its body like a weapon, relies on toughness like a mountain and movements like water, doesn’t a race whose body can be made of mineral and imbued with the attributes of water seem like a pretty solid fit? Of all the comments so far, I think this one has surprised a little. It was probably one of the first class/race combo decisions we made, ages ago in fact, when I first pitched the Archai to Joppa.

“What class fits these guys the best?” I wondered.

“Oh, Monk. For sure,” he said.

Then I shaved my head and drew striations all over my body with red markers, IIRC.

Maybe I’m a bit cloudy on that last part, but you get the picture. I do believe over time Archai Monks will seem like a more natural fit to some of you. As for Rogues, bear in mind the celebratory nature of the Archai doesn’t automatically descend into haughtiness. They celebrate freedom and liberation, yes -- but also consider thoughtfulness and discernment a virtue. How they use their freedom is very important to them, because it was so hard fought to attain. They are a race that has been tested by their trials and out of them become a culture that celebrates with joyful delight, not taunting arrogance.


OK, so I know there are more questions than I’ve given answers. You all are amazing and your criticisms are read many times over. All of them get consideration, even if they don’t change our decisions.

I personally want to say how greatly I appreciate your patience with all of this. Yet I must ask for more. I’ll be back to answer new questions, and I’m going to invite Ceythos and Joppa to share their thoughts on the additional questions or comments you all have posed. Hope I’ve satisfied some of them in the meantime.

Onward & Upward!

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