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Established in January 2005 soon after the launch of Everquest 2, SotD has had a very rich history of bringing together like minded, mature friends, in many virtual worlds. From and early start, SotD almost closed it's doors in 2006 when those who originally created the guild left the game. A few new leaders took on the mantle of responsibility for the EQ2 guild and it soon flourished again. Since then, through the passion of the SotD community, it has gone on to become a strong gaming community based on 3 key simple values.

- Act with Maturity.  This is not related to age, but to a mindset.
- Be present in the guild.  You join a guild to be part of something greater.
- No drama.  On the most part we all pay to play these games as escapism, not to add drama and stress to our lilves.  Don't do it.

A brief account of the guilds SotD have participated in. While our members will have tried many other games in MMO land, these are guilds that have had, or still have, a highly active community within them, striving to achieve as a team.

- Everquest 2 : Jan 2005 - CURRENT (Guild is still active, but a gathering of friends now, not really run as a formal guild)
- World of Warcraft : 2006 - 2008
- Vanguard : Jan 2007 - April 2010
- Age of Conan : May 2008 - Nov 2009
- Warhammer : Aug 2008 - June 2010
- Rift : Feb 2011 - December 2012
- Star Wars - The Old Republic : Dec 2011 - CURRENT
- The Secret World : Aug 2012 - Aug 2013
- Guild Wars 2 : December 2012 - March 2013
- Everquest Landmark : Feb 2014 - Sept 2014
- Final Fantasy XIV : November 2017 - CURRENT
- Pantheon : Rise of the Fallen - Eagerly anticipated to bring back the challenge and reward the modern MMO is lacking.

Above all, we are a community that values participation.  We operate on a motto of "Help, and be helped !!".  If this sounds like the guild for you, look us up in our current games or just say hi here.  You might want to bring your experience as a leader to SotD and help shape the guild's future or you might be interested in being a player as part of the team.  Or.... you might be looking at purchasing your 1st ever MMO and want an online family to stand with you....

Whatever your path, we hope to see you soon

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Merry Christmas Everyone

by Karofin-, 30 days ago


SotD has had a fun year with some great successes in SWTOR, some new friends being made and, something which is very common in SotD, old friends rejoining us in various games, having a catch up on real-life and game life and having some fun.  Even though we are still very much waiting for the next big game to encompass us all, we seem easily capable of finding mischief in many other games together.

It has also been a very challenging year for us as a group as we have lost 2 of our long term members.  Atta and Lorak, both a  huge shock to us all, for very different reasons.  August gone it has also been a year since we said goodbye to Delearnor.  This is what sets SotD apart from other groups for me.  I can't simply replace a decade of friendship and laughter when we lose these long standing pillars of our community.  Life has a funny way of waking us up sometimes.  We will talk about how we will remember them as a Pantheon guild in the future.

So, what will 2018 bring for us ?  Game wise, we are mostly waiting for Pantheon to land in the hope it delivers us a great community game we can enjoy for many years together.  Until then we will no doubt have presence in SWTOR and various other fringe games at the moment such as Final Fantasy XIV and games like The Division.

I hope as a group, especially the wider group who we have not seen in games together for such a long time, can come together under the banner of Pantheon.  We have something quite special within SotD.  Everyone who joins us says that they have never been in such a warm guild and they then seem to stay with us, or if we part games, at the very least stay in touch.  We have all made good strong real-life connections with one another.  We encourage each other out of games and we laugh at life.  We watch each other's families grow and in some cases, we see the 2nd generation of gamers joining the guild community.

So keep an eye out on the usual places, here on the guild page or on Facebook and lets enjoy 2018 together.  Have a great holiday season folks.  Have some great family time, drink and eat to excess and enjoy whatever game time you can get.  May all of your coffees taste of Baileys !! 

Merry Christmas.

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Another Guild 1st in Scum 'n' Villiany

by Xzen*, 55 days ago

The Cartel Warlords went down tonight, in another guild 1st !

Well done guys, onto Dread Master Styrak :)

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Zorn and Toth have left the building !

by Xzen*, 76 days ago

Finally !

Fantastic effort by everyone tonight. Was it 3rd or 4th pull? something like that, but an amazing job done by all to achieve a pretty controlled fight, until it all went a bit manic at the end.

It's official - Zorn and Toth have been felled by Shadows of the Dragon. Bring on the tanks!!....well...on 2nd thoughts......


Well done all :)

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Makeb Datacron Hunt

by Xaraphiel, 83 days ago

It took us what felt like an age. We endured many trials and suffering. There were tears and laughter. There were countless broken bones between us. Screams of horror and curses as some of us fell to our doom. Credits were sacrificed for the greater good (aka multiple uses of the guild ship).

We few... we crazy but happy few... rallied together in adversity to face our greatest foe...

(Seriously Indiana Jones knows nothing of trials XD)

But eventually we triumphed, we found it... the Holy Grail

Ok enough drama - here you see us (after spending 40 minutes of hard work getting here) celebrating around the datacron. Sure it was only 10+ Endurance but every little bit helps and there was a huge sense of accomplishment here (we also got the other datacron beforehand to complete the set - it was far less dramatic compared to this. Spent about an hour on Makeb in total - happy to see the back of it).

A special thanks to Zipp for his help and support in guiding us :D

Great fun guys and thanks for the laugh.

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Guild first ! Nefra is no more

by Xzen*, 97 days ago

Nice job tonight taking down the first boss in Dread Fortress HM.

I believe this is the first time we have even attempted to kill it, after a surprisingly good first pull where we got it down to about 20%, it took a few more dodgy pulls before Lleannor and I figured that if we started healing it might work better. One nicely controlled fight later and Nefra was down.


Well done all, looking forward to trying some more of this zone.


(Xara: Here is my screen of the kill - sorry about the hud and quality - not used to taking screenies :P)

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