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Established in January 2005 soon after the launch of Everquest 2, SotD has had a very rich history of bringing together like minded, mature friends, in many virtual worlds. From and early start, SotD almost closed it's doors in 2006 when those who originally created the guild left the game. A few new leaders took on the mantle of responsibility for the EQ2 guild and it soon flourished again. Since then, through the passion of the SotD community, it has gone on to become a strong gaming community based on 3 key simple values.

- Act with Maturity.  This is not related to age, but to a mindset.
- Be present in the guild.  You join a guild to be part of something greater.
- No drama.  On the most part we all pay to play these games as escapism, not to add drama and stress to our lilves.  Don't do it.

A brief account of the guilds SotD have participated in. While our members will have tried many other games in MMO land, these are guilds that have had, or still have, a highly active community within them, striving to achieve as a team.

- Everquest 2 : Jan 2005 - CURRENT (Guild is still active, but a gathering of friends now, not really run as a formal guild)
- World of Warcraft : 2006 - 2008
- Vanguard : Jan 2007 - April 2010
- Age of Conan : May 2008 - Nov 2009
- Warhammer : Aug 2008 - June 2010
- Rift : Feb 2011 - December 2012
- Star Wars - The Old Republic : Dec 2011 - CURRENT
- The Secret World : Aug 2012 - Aug 2013
- Guild Wars 2 : December 2012 - March 2013
- Everquest Landmark : Feb 2014 - Sept 2014
- Pantheon : Rise of the Fallen - Eagerly anticipated to bring back the challenge and reward the modern MMO is lacking.

Above all, we are a community that values participation.  We operate on a motto of "Help, and be helped !!".  If this sounds like the guild for you, look us up in our current games or just say hi here.  You might want to bring your experience as a leader to SotD and help shape the guild's future or you might be interested in being a player as part of the team.  Or.... you might be looking at purchasing your 1st ever MMO and want an online family to stand with you....

Whatever your path, we hope to see you soon

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Clearing the Dread

by Xzen*, 153 days ago

Dread Fortress and Dread Palace cleared on SM tonight - well done all.

That last boss encounter in Palace tonight was awesome - 1 pull was all it took! Considering we were only going to have a quick pull to check the fight out ready for next time, it was a truly amazing kill.


That only leaves us Ravages and Temple of Sacrifice left to tackle on SM - I'm sure we'll make short work of them too as we are (to coin a phrase from Karo) Amazeballs !

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Karaggas HM cleared

by Xzen*, 159 days ago

This is the first time we've cleared KP HM, since the new expac. DPS was on the limit for this kill, with one attempt so close with only 2000 hit points on Karagga before we wiped - 2000! That's a single ability, even my basic attack does more than that,m and I'm a healer !. Agonizingly close, it just goes to show, every little bit really does help.

Eventually Grer kindly offered to swap to his DPS alt, and we took him down 1st try with time to spare.

Well done all :)

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EV HM XRR-3 We came, we saw, we kicked it's shiny metal ass!

by Xzen*, 170 days ago

And then we killed everything else. This is only the 2nd time we have delved into HM Ops zones, since the recent update. The 1st time wasn't so successful, but this time we were better prepared, and really showed them what we're made of. It took 3 or 4 pulls on the first boss Annihilation Droid XRR-3, but once we got a few extra augments in place and the healers started to multi-task and dishing out a bit of dps (let's face it, that's really what turned the tide in our favor - yes, the healers are the real hero's !!), we took him down with time to spare on the enrage timer.

The rest of the zone was ours for the taking. Apart from a minor issue on the SOA due to lag, the 2nd pull we took it straight down.


Bring on Kragga !!

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Kephes the Undying HM

by Karofin-, 314 days ago

What a fantastic effort tonight from the 7 man team that took down Kephes.  Xara was off celebrating his birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY XARA !!) and he was certainly a huge miss.  We were only able to take this guy down as its more of a strategic fight we found out that a raw DPS mob.  Mind you, that said he still took some kicking.  We spent most of the night learning this mob and having a laugh at it and we got him in the end.

I am constantly inspired at what a mature team we have.  We enjoy the kills and the loot as much as anyone but we all enjoy the fun of the raid and time with one another more.  Despite that, we take a mob we have not done, we start on it and we refine pull after pull after pull and at the start, that which feels impossible is refined until its a mere stepping stone on our journey to getting all mobs at our feet.  A nice bonus to this 1st kill is that is was High Priority Target again and that means Grerdol left the field with a 224 Implant.  Ace job by all.  Next week, a zone we have on easy farm mode, KP will be dropping 224 and I am thinking we need to do that with a twist again :)

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The Operator HM..... and finally, Hats !

by Karofin-, 319 days ago

Another fantastic run and after a few weeks of learning this mob and how to attack it, we did that famous 1st pull easy kill that always seems to come from 50 pulls with massive death followed by a lot of head scratching and concern :)  Here is the operator in its dead form after we entered the machine and took it down !

Most interesting for us is that this marks the "unlocking" of a gear slot.  This is the 1st mob we have managed to kill that drops the head set piece.  Relevant more than anything as its the 1st we have seen that will drop the 224 head item, which it did today and is now sitting on Phuba's head !!  If we push hard on this zone, by the next time 224 comes round, we might have it all unlocked and the Offhand also in reach.  Well done, yet again, team.

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